Sharing my passion for LD Nursing in Retaining The Passion podcast

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“Retaining the Passion” is a fantastic podcast series by newly registered nurses Clare Manley and Craig Davidson. Together they discuss their journeys through nursing. And hope to shine a light on key issues affecting the nursing profession and wider society by speaking to various guests about their lived experiences. You can follow their podcasts at  

As part of these podcasts I’m honoured to have been invited to be a guest speaker and to share my experiences as part of their blog:

Retaining The Passion: Supporting People With Autism and Learning Disabilities


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Podcast overview:

In this very special episode, Clare and Craig catch up and talk to three incredible guests.

Firstly, all the way from Australia, they interview the inspirational Paula McGowan, who shares the story and legacy of her son Oliver. Paula is a patient safety advocate and the driving force behind the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training for NHS England Health and Social Care staff.

Next, Craig chats with Clare’s fifteen-year-old son Ollie, who has a diagnosis of autism and sensory processing disorder. In their chat, Craig asks Ollie what it was like to be diagnosed and what his experience of the health care system has been.

Lastly, Clare and Craig chat to register learning disability nurse Ben Taylor about his journey into nursing and the importance of learning disability nursing and patient advocacy.


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