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Learning Disability Nurse

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Geeky, quirky and all things in between. DLR driver in an alternative universe

My current work

I work in East London Foundation Trust as a community learning disability nurse in a multidisciplinary team. As an integrated service with Tower Hamlets social services my role encompasses wide-ranging duties and responsibilities, including tasks from other medical and social disciplines.


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A passion for equality

About Me

Community Learning Disability Nurse at East London NHS Foundation Trust. Graduated from Kingston and St Georges University of London in 2018 with a first class (with honours) BSc degree in Learning Disability Nursing. During this time I was a Top 5 finalist in the 2018 Student Nursing Times awards in the category of ‘Contribution to student affairs’. 

Prior to uni I spent 11 years as a professional carer working with children and young adults and spent 9 months working at accessible summer camps in America.

Follow me on my nurse Twitter account where I actively share all things related to health and learning disabilities. 

Professional Interests
Health Equality
Sexual Health Education
LGBTQI+ Equality



Keeping the streets safe

London Pride, 2019

Soho Angels

In my spare time I volunteer with the Soho Angels. The Soho Angels are designed to make London’s nightlife safer for everyone. They reflect Soho’s roots as a place of cultural significance for LGBT+ people and will work to ensure Soho nightlife remains a safe, inclusive and understanding space for everyone who visits. The Soho Angels can be found most Friday and Saturday nights in Soho until 5am, and supporting major events such as Pride.