2 days ago
The new Equalities minister mocked LGBTQ rights, questioned same-sex marriage, and called trans women “men” in an audio recording obtained by VICE World News.

- Is this really someone fit for that role? https://t.co/5tRKdZHqY1
3 days ago
Reasonable Adjustments for people with Learning Disabilities & Autism take seconds to implement yet leave impressions on the patient lasting lifetime.

🗣Ask Listen🦻🏼 Do☑️
5 days ago
It’s nice to hear that my work and the change I try to influence. Is getting noticed and valued. https://t.co/l11u0ZbBDd
5 days ago
On this exact date 6 years ago my journey to become a Learning Disability Nurse began.
I’ve come a long way, learned & continued to learn so much every day.